Rare Original 100% Restored Jeep Willys M38 with Bantam M100 trailer
It’s not just a Jeep Willys is one of the most desirable classic cars around… It’s that this one has been expertly restored with a stellar color , 4 cylinder power, and four-drum brakes to deliver one of the most attractive icons you can find right now.

Sand color is one of the coolest ways to represent this American icon. This glossy shine is the result of a solid investment in a restoration that’s only a few years old. And you can also tell we made sure to have the best body panels before laying down the sand color. All of this work was absolutely worth it. After all, on the convertible body, this sand hue is the most intimating way to distinguish your Jeep Willys M38. Plus, this one has all the military accessories needed for the war, including the fog lights in the grille, the badges on the fender, radio with antena (never turned on), fully equipped trailer, full covers, new tires, and many more as in the pictures. The vehicle works with its full 24V wiring. We love how the details on a classic which were meant for roughness determine the job that we did restoring this M38.

Just like the exterior, the interior has been given a solid investment to be the perfect mixture of original details and accessories. Fresh pain, taut panels, and the ultra-desirable seats really present nicely. The great look inside and out. There’s a nice vintage feel in everything from the steering wheel to the proper sticker placement. Even the premium details are great, like the center console and fold-down rear seat. So that means you get the best in modern tunes for this very vintage ride.


This is a Bantam M100 trailer built from an original chasis as a one to one replica. This trailer comes equipped with original working accessories such as full cover, working hand brake system, security chains, light system, toolbox, and gas tank, etc

Cena: Aukce

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Laredo, Texas, United States