1992 Jeep XJ (Cherokee Limited) with all accessories and trail support items.

Should be a turn-key solution for any off-road, trail or recovery needs.

Built over the pandemic in the Pacific Northwest and brought shipped it to Texas with me, however changes in life keep it sitting in the garage most of the year.

I would rather someone enjoy it than me just store it. Runs great! Stops great! Crawls amazing!

List of Parts/Upgrades:


– 4.0 L HO Straight-6 engine with upgraded valve cover. Replaced rear bearing seal and oil pan seal. No drips or leaks!

– Upgraded Brown Dog Off-road Motor Mounts.

– K&N reusable Air Filter

– Multiple relay ready power points for additional accessories.

– Replaced water pump & hoses.

– Regular Oil and Radiator changes.

– Installed additional electric radiator fan – on toggle switch, with hood vents for heat distribution.

– (2 additional electrical fans included if you would like them)

Jeep Grand Cherokee leather seats:

– installed with 6-way power.

– Heavy Duty floor mats.

Front and Rear Differential Upgrades:

– 4.56 gear ratio upgraded differentials with full-time limited-slip lockers front and rear (not welded). Moves 35″ tires with no effort at all.

– Reusable Diff Gaskets for easy fluid changes.

Suspension Front Upgrades:

– Iron Rock Off Road – XJ 5.5″ ROCK-LINK Long Arm Lift Kit – 2″ tubes, 5/16″ thick wall lower control arm. 1/4″ thick, 3 piece, subframe assembly.

– XJ Extended Sway Bar Disconnects.

– Differential adjustment for better driveline angle. Oversize tire clearance control arm bends.

– High clearance long arm subframe mounts

– Transmission/Transfer Case Drop Mount/Cross Member

Suspension Rear Upgrades:

– Iron Rock Off Road – 3.5″ leaf spring packs featuring: military-wrapped Berlin eye ends, 7 thin leaf design, tapered ends with Teflon anti-friction pads.

– 1.5″ heavy duty lift shackles w/ improved suspension articulation and angle in the rear.

Shocks Upgrade:

– FOX 2.0 Performance Series Smooth Body IFP Shocks on all 4 corners

Brakes Upgrade:

– Upgraded Power Stop slotted and drilled front and rear disk brake kits, no drum brakes! Extended braded metal brake lines.

– New front steering knuckles with 2-degree offset.

2 Sets of Tires/Wheels (all included)

4 Tires:

– 35×12.5×15 Procomp Extreme Mud Terrain (need replaced)

5 Off Road Wheels:

– Black American Racing 15” Metal Rims – with metal valve stems.

1 Spare Tire:

– Brand new never used BFG Mud Terrain – 35/12.5/R15

5 more (NEW) Tires/Wheels:

– Taken off 2021 JL Wrangler

– New Goodyear 255/70/R18 tires, roughly 200mi rubber used.

– 5 matching Jeep Wrangler Stock Polished aluminum wheels with painted inserts. (spare has nail puncture)

– Front and rear wheel spacers for 5bolt JL to XJ pattern change.

LED Headlights:

(with separate color changing halos on toggle switch and remote control, or phone app)

LED bumper mount lightbar:

(on toggle switch)

LED 3 Part Roof-Mounted Lightbar:

– with side angle LED lights. (on toggle switch)

Front Bumper Upgrade:

– Smittybilt XRC ROCK CRAWLER WINCH FRONT BUMPER WITH D-RING MOUNTS Two stage textured matte black powder coat. Plus XRC Front Bull Bar addition.

Rear Bumper Upgrade

– Smittybilt XRC REAR BUMPER WITH TIRE CARRIER AND HITCH Two stage textured matte black powder coat. Wired for trailer lights.

Side Body Armor Install

– Smittybilt XRC Body Claddings 304 Marine grade stainless steel textured matte black powder coat on all 4 doors and rear quarter panels.

Lower Body Armor Install:

– Smittybilt XRC ROCK SLIDERS – Two stage textured matte black powder coat finish

Winch Install:

– Bumper mounted Smittybilt XRC GEN2 12,000 lb 3-Stage Planetary Gear System with steel cable line and bumper pad hook.

– Winch control both from remote unit or from interior wired switches.

Wench Accessories:

– (never used) – 2 ea. 1/2 inch shackles with a 2 ton weight rating. 2 ea. pair of 1 inch x 8′ 10,000 lb. tow straps. Snatch block with an 8,000 lb rating. Smittybilt heavy duty Soft Side Carrying Case

Portable Smittybilt Air Compressor:

– 2.54 CFM – for air up tires (used once)

Boulder Tools Pro Tire Deflator Kit :

– tire air-down gage with preload settings for perfect air-down lbs.

High-Lift off-road vehicle Jack:

– with gear dust cover – (never used)

CD Player Stereo and Speakers:

– Kenwood CD player w/ Bluetooth and phone mic

– 2 Amps / Fosgate door speakers

– 10in bass speaker with XJ Molded box for compact installation

Removable Race Steering Wheel:

– (mostly for security)

CB Radio:

– Uniden Bearcat 980 SSD with single side-ban additional channels and Bluetooth speaker control (Brand new).

– Firestick tuned quick-release CB antenna on rear bumper.

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