* 350sbc

* Holley Sniper Fuel Injection

* Aluminum Radiator w/Flexalite Syclone Fan

* SM465 4spd Transmission

* Dana 300 Twin Stick Transfer Case

* Dana 60 Front Axle Trussed w/OX Locker

* 14 Bolt Rear Axle w/Detroit Locker

* Custom Built and Balanced Driveshafts

* 5 = 40×13.50 R17 Pro Comp Xtreme Mt2 Tires

* 5 = 17″ Grenade Crawl Beadlock Wheels

* Custom Fabricated Front Stubby Bumper

w/ Smittybuilt 12k LB Winch

* Custom Built Front Fenders and Coated w/Raptor Liner

* Cutom Built Rear Fenders and Coated w/Raptor Liner

* Boat Sided and Custom Rock Sliders Welded In

* Rear Tub Wrapped With 1/8″ Steel Which Adds Strengthe and Durability

* Frame Was Sanded and Recoated w/VHT Epoxy Paint

* Added Under Tub Rear Crossmember For Strength

* 3 Link Suspension w/Cherokee Coils Up Front

* CJ Leaf Springs Replaced w/Cherokee Leaf Springs

* Oversized Rebuildable EMF Rod Ends On Suspension Links

* Hydro Assist Ram High Steering w/Chromoly Links

* Front Hydrolic Bump Stops Inside Coils

* Front Custom Spring Tower Brace Painted To Match Jeep

* Original CJ7 Tub Was Stripped Down And All Rust Removed and Then Herculined/Raptorlined Inside and Out

* Custom Built Rollcage w/DOM Tubing

* Corbeau Front Seats w/Matching Rear Seat Cover

* Driver and Passenger 5 Point Racing Harnesses

* Wetsounds Bluetooth Receiver (Kicker Wakeboard Tower Speakers ARE NOT INCLUDED)

* 50″ Windshield Lightbar

* Bikini Top

* Half Doors

**** I do have a 3 minute video of the Jeep CJ7 Running, But Ebay Only Allows A 60sec Maximum Video. Please contact me at 301-992-9873 and I will send you the video.

Cena: $35 000

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