It is with a heavy heart I make this post. After attempting all avenues (we could find) to expatriate Jolene to New Zealand it appears we just can’t make it happen.

Meet Jolene, our cherished 2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JK. From the moment she rolled into our lives, she’s been more than just a vehicle – she’s been a trusted friend, a source of boundless adventure, and a vessel for unforgettable memories. But as we reluctantly prepare to part ways, our hearts overflow with nostalgia for the countless journeys we’ve shared. Editing the video for this ad made me pretty sad 🥺

Here’s a glimpse into what makes Jolene truly special:

Aftermarket Modifications:

JKS front and rear adjustable track bars: Providing improved stability & control over OEM. Adjustable for suspension upgrades.

Rock Krawler 2.5″ X-Factor lift w/ front and rear adj. lower ctl-arms: Elevating her stature and enhancing off-road capability.

Superchips Flashcal F5 : Calibrate your Jeep’s computer for optimal performance, check and clear DTC’s

G2 big brake kit: Ensuring reliable stopping power when the trails get steep and rugged. Much improved over OEM.

Oracle Projector LED headlights: Piercing through the darkness to illuminate the path ahead. Munch improved over OEM

Rigid D-Series pro LED floods- For lighting up the dark dark night. (forgot to include these in the Mod sheet +$300)

Smittybilt 2843 Pivot HD Oversize Tire Carrier: Carrying those oversized tires with ease, No sag, solid close.

S-Pod Source LT: Streamlining accessory control for a seamless driving experience.

ARB Twin onboard air compressor: Keeping those tires inflated and ready for action. Super handy for LOTS of other uses

Metalcloak ARB Air compressor and S-pod mounts: Moving components to workable locations while remaining rigid and safe.

RPM 2.5 Ton HD aluminum Steering Kit: BOMB PROOF! Enhancing precision and durability in on and off-road driving.

Metalcloak Full Overland system (fenders, rock sliders, steps, exoskin): Providing maximum protection and style for any off-road enthusiast. You can stand on and even jump up and down on these fenders.

Metalcloak Inner fenders and vacuum pump relocation bracket

Metalcloak Frame-built bumper #1401: Offering both style and durability for off-road adventures.

Smittybilt X20 10K winch: For pulling you buddies out ;)

Metalcloak Bumper skid, LED markers, Winch fair lead: Adding both protection and style to her rugged exterior.

Poison Spider bombshell Diff covers: Ensuring her vital components remain protected in the harshest conditions.

17″ rims with 35″ Procomp XT2’s: Offering both style and performance for tackling any terrain.

MPS Pistol holster/molly panel: Keeping your side arm organized and accessible for every excursion.

RCV front Axle tube seals: Preventing leaks and maintaining peak performance.

Bulletpoint Dual dash mount for phone and go-pro: I’ve tried them all THIS ONE IS THE BEST!

G2 Chrome molly D44 rear axle shafts: I dare you to break them!

MOG upper and lower front ball joints: Ensuring responsive steering and handling on and off the road. -replaced sh*tty factory ball Joints

Mopar all-weather rubber front and rear mats: Keeping her interior clean and ready for whatever Mother Nature throws her way.

UPR oil catch can: Maintaining engine performance and longevity. NO SMOKE- on uphill climbs!

Spider sunshade: Offering respite from the sun’s rays while still allowing for open-air driving.

Rock Hard 4×4 Bolt-On Lower Control Arm & Shock Skids: Protecting vital components from trail hazards.

NEW synthetic winch line: Ensuring reliable performance when it matters most.

Overland Outfitters Leather Sherpa saddle bag pair: Adding both style and functionality for those long-haul adventures.

Brand new battery, alternator, idler pulley and serpentine: Ready to power her on countless new adventures.


Jolene isn’t just a vehicle; she’s been our ticket to endless exploration and discovery. Equipped with the Rubicon package – 4:10 gears, D44’s, front and rear lockers, effortless sway bar disconnect and paired with 3″ of suspension lift from springs and fully adjustable lower control arms, she’s tackled everything from rocky mountain passes to sandy dunes with ease. Her tough Metalcloak fenders, rock rails, bumper, and exo-skin have weathered the toughest trails, emerging unscathed and ready for more. Did I mention she has a kinda-uncommon 2 tone khaki & black interior? Anyway, never once has she left us stranded on a trail and I’ve driven home as much as 10 hours after driving the conditions show in the video of this listing. You truly have no idea how remarkably capable a Jeep is till you’ve owned one. 4K YouTube video here:

But as we bid farewell to Jolene, we do so with a mixture of sadness and excitement. Sadness for the memories we leave behind, but excitement for the new adventures that await her next lucky owner. Wherever she goes, we know she’ll continue to inspire awe and ignite the spirit of adventure in all who have the privilege of calling her their own.

New owner will receive a manuscript thick folder of service records, manuals, receipts and notes. It accidentally got packed with our stuff, so I’ll be shipping it to you from New Zealand. Jeep will also come with a Warn off-road recovery kit (tow strap, shackles, tree saver, snatch block), front window sun shade, 4 -way lug wrench, 3-ton floor jack, extra wheel speed sensors, extra windshield header gasket, and handful of 10mm sockets. The key to the lugs is in the rear under the flap around the subwoofer.

Oh, also, there is a back seat, I just had it out when I took these photos.

The Jeep has been in no real ‘accidents’ other than me backing into my cousins KIA in her driveway a few years ago, which caused ZERO damage to the steel bumper but 10K to her KIA 😭

So, if you’re ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime, if you’re prepared to forge new paths and create unforgettable memories, then Jolene is waiting for you. Bid farewell to ordinary and say hello to extraordinary with Jolene, your beloved adventure companion.

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